The War of the World

Our democratic governments have long been at war with our capitalist economy.  One seeks to spread power as widely as possible with each person being equal, having the same rights, freedoms and access to being heard.  The other concentrates wealth and power and grants rights and freedoms and access to power based on how muchContinue reading “The War of the World”

Energy for Profit or for Service

We are not in a time of business as usual in terms of how we access the energy we need for a functioning society.  The latest report of the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change makes it clear that the climate change will not wait for us to delay or backslide.  The Secretary GeneralContinue reading “Energy for Profit or for Service”

Reflections on the Pandemic

The pandemic has underlined fundamental problems with the basic nature of social economy of many countries including Canada.  The polarizing impacts of the Trump presidency in the USA have spilled into Canada and around the world.  It has become acceptable to a growing part of the population to spread misinformation, ignore science and deny reality. Continue reading “Reflections on the Pandemic”

Lessons from the Pandemic and the Trump Hangover

The Pandemic was an eye opener.  Elders died by the thousands because essential workers in eldercare were paid so little they needed more than one job to eat and keep a roof over their heads.  They had no sick leave and little or no protective clothing and equipment.  When personal care workers fell ill theyContinue reading “Lessons from the Pandemic and the Trump Hangover”

Lessons from Runaway Capitalism: Capital as ‘god’ and Capitalism as Religion

Do we see a need to transform our society?  Why do those who look after our children and our seniors get paid so little when we say we value what they do?  Why did Canada’s billionaires increase their wealth by over 35% during the first nine months of the Pandemic while millions faced unemployment andContinue reading “Lessons from Runaway Capitalism: Capital as ‘god’ and Capitalism as Religion”

Can We Change Our World? Atautsikut/ Leave None Behind, Says YES

I am often bemused by people who respond to my critiques of capitalism and promotion of co-operatives by gently, and sometimes not so gently, saying, “But you know that is not possibly going to happen.”  Or they say, “There is no alternative to capitalism.”   Imagine an indigenous group for whom the government’s objective was toContinue reading “Can We Change Our World? Atautsikut/ Leave None Behind, Says YES”

Black Lives Are Sacred- Change the culture – Part 1

The image of a police officer torturing and executing a black man in Minneapolis was horrifying.  It was not the first, and regrettably will not likely be the last, in spite of the outrage it generated.  Most similar killings in Canada are not caught on video.  Life is sacred.  Black lives are sacred.  Why doContinue reading “Black Lives Are Sacred- Change the culture – Part 1”

Lessons from COVID 19: How did we get here?

COVID 19 will be a disastrous milestone.  The pandemic leapt out of a hole mostly dug over five decades by the richest people and corporations in the world.  Ironically they are the least likely to be hurt by it.  Like the world wars and the great depression and great recession, it will leave a changedContinue reading “Lessons from COVID 19: How did we get here?”