Praise for From Corporate Globalization to Global Co-operation

“This is a book that not only experts, but also concerned citizens should read. With outstanding clarity, Tom Webb shows the enormous degree to which conventional economics is alien to the real world. But an additional value of the book is the true alternatives for a New Economy that Webb brilliantly offers. After reading the book, one feels that, after all, a better world is possible. “ Manfred Max-Neef, Universidad Austral de Chile. Winner of the 1983 Right Livelihood Award.


We all know something is fundamentally wrong in our world, wrong in a way that requires a deep transformation in our thinking and behaviour. Tom Webb offers a path to another future, one based on co-operation and respect for the whole of creation. A lovely book. “Maude Barlow, National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians and winner of the 2005 Right Livelihood Award.

“A book not to miss. Provocative, radical, incisive — Tom Webb never fails to nail the issues.”  Dame Pauline Green, past president of the International Co-operative Alliance and former member of the European Parliament.

“Tom Webb is a passionate visionary and he is surely right in the core claim of this important book, that the world needs co-operation now more than ever.”  Edward Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK.

“The journey this book offers asks the reader to pack two items: a belief that we can build a healthier and more equitable world, and a willingness to be of open mind and heart to drive the innovation and creativity that diverse thinking creates.”   Kathy Bardswick, Former President and CEO of the Co-operators.

“The market system that triumphs over most of the Earth today is a clear danger to the health of many life forms, including human societies.  In describing his lifelong commitment to co-operatives as an alternative approach to production, Tom Webb offers hope for movement toward a realistic alternative economic/social system. This books offers practical, experience-based information on how to understand the co-operative movement and how to help it expand its influence.”  Dr. Neva R. Goodwin, Co-Director, Global Development and Environment Institute, Tufts University.

“This will be a very useful book for those who want to know about co-operation but also for those inside co-operation who wonder how to fix up the problems that co-operatives sometimes face. We particularly agree on the book’s premise, that co-operation is based on an anthropological assumption that is opposite to that of the mainstream, namely the ‘innate goodness of people’ who practice the ‘golden rule’ of reciprocity.  Those people must have appropriate institutions to express that golden rule and not be constrained into egoistic structures.”  Dr. Stefano Zamagni, Former Dean of Economics, University of Bologna, and Dr. Vera Negri, Senior Adjunct Professor of International Economics, University of Bologna University of Bologna.

“Many voices are calling for wide-ranging changes to our economic, social and political systems. They are driven by concerns about rising inequality, the destruction of nature, and the undermining of democracy resulting from increasing global corporate power. Tom Webb’s important contribution stands out from the crowd because of his impassioned, informed and inspiring advocacy of the co-operative business model as an essential feature of any successful alternative to the current system of ailing capitalism and its dependence on endless economic growth.”  Peter A. Victor, author of Managing Without Growth: Slower by Design, Not Disaster.


“Tom Webb delivers a collection of reflections about humanity in disconnect with its economic life. His unwavering trust in people and co-operation come through in every chapter, as does the sorrow in witnessing our civilization melt away at our collective fingertips. A mix between observation and hope, the book is a legacy of a true visionary co-operator who, by stating the obvious, always points out to everything we, humans, take for granted.”  Sonja Novkovic, Department of Economics, Saint Mary’s University, Academic Director, Co-operative Management Education Program, Sobey School of Business.


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