The Erosion of Democracy: Three Elections

Canada 2021 We live in a quasi-democracy.  And it is eroding.  The 2021 October 21st Federal unreformed election was simply not fair for at least half of those who voted.  The reality:  One Liberal MP was elected for every 37,681 votes for the party; One Conservative MP for every 50,873 votes; One NDP MP forContinue reading “The Erosion of Democracy: Three Elections”

The War of the World

Our democratic governments have long been at war with our capitalist economy.  One seeks to spread power as widely as possible with each person being equal, having the same rights, freedoms and access to being heard.  The other concentrates wealth and power and grants rights and freedoms and access to power based on how muchContinue reading “The War of the World”

Lessons From Runaway Capitalism: Lesson 1: Let Us Not Be Smug

“Humanity faces a potentially terminal crisis of collapsing environmental systems, extreme and growing inequality, failing institutional legitimacy, and disintegration of the basic trust of one another on which the social fabric depends. No individual caused these vast problems, and no individual or group of individuals can solve them alone.” David Korton, Yes Magazine, 21 JanContinue reading “Lessons From Runaway Capitalism: Lesson 1: Let Us Not Be Smug”

Black Lives are Sacred – Change the Culture – Part 2

In Part One I reflected on the links and roots of racism in the capitalism that benefits from it.  But, why are our governments seemingly unable to deal with racism and the inequality that is linked to it?   They are faced with 1% of the world’s people owning more than 50% of the world’s wealth. Continue reading “Black Lives are Sacred – Change the Culture – Part 2”