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Pursuing an Insane Balance

Balance is one of those words that radiates goodness.  We should lead a balanced life.  We should avoid extremes and keep everything in balance.  A balanced assessment is a good assessment.  These statements radiate good common sense.  But it is a word that can be abused.  Two examples leap out at us in our presentContinue reading “Pursuing an Insane Balance”

Lessons From Runaway Capitalism: Lesson 1: Let Us Not Be Smug

“Humanity faces a potentially terminal crisis of collapsing environmental systems, extreme and growing inequality, failing institutional legitimacy, and disintegration of the basic trust of one another on which the social fabric depends. No individual caused these vast problems, and no individual or group of individuals can solve them alone.” David Korton, Yes Magazine, 21 JanContinue reading “Lessons From Runaway Capitalism: Lesson 1: Let Us Not Be Smug”

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