Can We Change Our World? Atautsikut/ Leave None Behind, Says YES

I am often bemused by people who respond to my critiques of capitalism and promotion of co-operatives by gently, and sometimes not so gently, saying, “But you know that is not possibly going to happen.”  Or they say, “There is no alternative to capitalism.”   Imagine an indigenous group for whom the government’s objective was to have them disappear.  A group faced with the power of a mega corporation that dominated their communities.  Imagine them saying not just ‘we can do better and change this reality but we can do so in a way that leaves no one behind’

If you believe we cannot change our world, watch this film by John Houston![1] Aliva Tulugak, past president of the Fédération des coopératives du Nouveau-Québec used these words to describe the film.

 “I believe what you have filmed will be important for our grandchildren and our children.  Back when there was nothing in all of Nunavik… those who came before us, those who founded the co-operatives and the Federation… they started out with nothing but their determination.”  His words are important words for people around the globe to hear. 

The free world premiere of the film will take place Sat. July 4 at 11:00 AM Atlantic Time and is available to all the world in English at .  The message of this film is important to my grandchildren and grandchildren around the world.  To believe we cannot stop organizing human life and the entire natural world to serve capital is to proclaim capital is ‘god’.  It is to say we accept that run away climate change must happen.  It is to voice the belief that a billion people must go hungry even as we waste enough food to feed them each day.  It is to say it is acceptable that the super-rich, the top 1%, get richer and richer while the rest of humanity falls farther and farther behind.  It is to claim that it is impossible for healthcare, education, decent housing and food to be available for every child in the world.  It is to be in favour of the CEO of a large corporation being paid $2,284,044,884 (yes more than two billion dollars) in annual compensation, but many essential workers who keep us safe cannot be paid more than a minimum wage or be hired full time so they could receive benefits. 

“A marginalized people rose up from humble beginnings, with nothing but their talent, their guiding principles, and their determination to leave none behind. The public has heard so many sad stories, but “Atautsikut/Leaving None Behind” reveals another aspect of the true North. In their own words, raw and unfiltered, the Nunavik Inuit and Cree recount their struggle and how their co-ops came shining through—a message of hope.”

We owe our grandchildren more than the deep pessimism that says, ‘we have no alternative’.  We owe them more than the foolish optimism that says, ‘Things will get better,’ even while we watch climate change gathering strength and the wealth of billionaires sky rocket during the pandemic.  We owe it to them to act with the courage of the Inuit and Cree who survived government attempts to eliminate them, and the exploitation of the Hudson’s Bay Company.  We owe it to them to be ‘hopefulists’ and activists!

[1] For other films by John Houston see:

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