An Attempt at an Honest Settler Perspective and Fair Reconciliation

Having a day to honor the people who were here before any European settlers is long overdue.  I grew up in Canada learning so little about the people who settlers found here some 500 years ago, that an honest description of what I knew has to be an admission I was totally ignorant. Let’s beContinue reading “An Attempt at an Honest Settler Perspective and Fair Reconciliation”

Reflections on the Pandemic

The pandemic has underlined fundamental problems with the basic nature of social economy of many countries including Canada.  The polarizing impacts of the Trump presidency in the USA have spilled into Canada and around the world.  It has become acceptable to a growing part of the population to spread misinformation, ignore science and deny reality. Continue reading “Reflections on the Pandemic”

Lessons from the Pandemic and the Trump Hangover

The Pandemic was an eye opener.  Elders died by the thousands because essential workers in eldercare were paid so little they needed more than one job to eat and keep a roof over their heads.  They had no sick leave and little or no protective clothing and equipment.  When personal care workers fell ill theyContinue reading “Lessons from the Pandemic and the Trump Hangover”

Corporate Imposed Taxes and How they Reduce Our Quality of Life

The word ‘markups’ does not arouse the same emotions as taxes and profits.  But markups are an important and little understood form of ‘taxation’.  When a business sells something, it takes the cost of either making it or buying it and adds a markup.  The markup can be low for high volume goods and services,Continue reading “Corporate Imposed Taxes and How they Reduce Our Quality of Life”