Lessons From Runaway Capitalism: Lesson 1: Let Us Not Be Smug

“Humanity faces a potentially terminal crisis of collapsing environmental systems, extreme and growing inequality, failing institutional legitimacy, and disintegration of the basic trust of one another on which the social fabric depends. No individual caused these vast problems, and no individual or group of individuals can solve them alone.” David Korton, Yes Magazine, 21 JanContinue reading “Lessons From Runaway Capitalism: Lesson 1: Let Us Not Be Smug”

How the Household Appliances of Capitalism Use You

When we built our new home 6 years ago we bought all new energy efficient appliances, all from Sears, all Kenmore.  A week ago while baking some custard, the stove, a Kenmore (but made by Frigidaire), started beeping and the panel on the Electronic Oven Control (EOC) started flashing “F10”.  We dug out the stoveContinue reading “How the Household Appliances of Capitalism Use You”

Can We Change Our World? Atautsikut/ Leave None Behind, Says YES

I am often bemused by people who respond to my critiques of capitalism and promotion of co-operatives by gently, and sometimes not so gently, saying, “But you know that is not possibly going to happen.”  Or they say, “There is no alternative to capitalism.”   Imagine an indigenous group for whom the government’s objective was toContinue reading “Can We Change Our World? Atautsikut/ Leave None Behind, Says YES”

Black Lives are Sacred – Change the Culture – Part 2

In Part One I reflected on the links and roots of racism in the capitalism that benefits from it.  But, why are our governments seemingly unable to deal with racism and the inequality that is linked to it?   They are faced with 1% of the world’s people owning more than 50% of the world’s wealth. Continue reading “Black Lives are Sacred – Change the Culture – Part 2”

Black Lives Are Sacred- Change the culture – Part 1

The image of a police officer torturing and executing a black man in Minneapolis was horrifying.  It was not the first, and regrettably will not likely be the last, in spite of the outrage it generated.  Most similar killings in Canada are not caught on video.  Life is sacred.  Black lives are sacred.  Why doContinue reading “Black Lives Are Sacred- Change the culture – Part 1”

COVID 19: The Case for a New Eldercare Model

As we struggle through this pandemic buffeted by the additional tragedy in Nova Scotia, one fact becomes increasingly clear.  As of May 3rd 2020, 83% of the 37 deaths are seniors living in elder care facilities.  Across Canada almost 80% of the more than 3,600 deaths have been seniors living in elder care facilities, andContinue reading “COVID 19: The Case for a New Eldercare Model”

Responding to Colchester’s Traumatic Pain

We are reeling.  The unimaginable has happened.  We are learning the names and hearing the stories of people just like us gunned down in their home or on the street.  We are learning that wonderful people – family, friends, neighbors, care givers, people who were loved – have succumbed to a wave of evil actsContinue reading “Responding to Colchester’s Traumatic Pain”

Lessons from COVID 19: How did we get here?

COVID 19 will be a disastrous milestone.  The pandemic leapt out of a hole mostly dug over five decades by the richest people and corporations in the world.  Ironically they are the least likely to be hurt by it.  Like the world wars and the great depression and great recession, it will leave a changedContinue reading “Lessons from COVID 19: How did we get here?”

Lessons from COVID 19 – Co-operating makes a Better World

What are the most important things to remember as this earth-shaking pandemic rolls through our communities?  The first is that every life is a sacred trust to be protected.  That the dignity of every person is to be respected.  These are not lofty and abstract ideas but ones that face us every day.  Especially duringContinue reading “Lessons from COVID 19 – Co-operating makes a Better World”

Alberta and Canada: When Democracy Gets Sacrificed

We live in a quasi-democracy.  And it is eroding.  The October 21st unreformed election was simply not fair for at least half of those who voted.  The reality:  One Liberal MP for every 37,681 votes for the party; One Conservative MP for every 50,873 votes; One NDP MP for every 118,717 votes; One Green oneContinue reading “Alberta and Canada: When Democracy Gets Sacrificed”