Co-operation More Powerful Than Competition

An excerpt from: From Corporate Globalization to Global Co-operation, Page 90 “Neoclassical economics and right wing philosophy would tell us that the most powerful driver in human nature IS individual self-interest in the rational pursuit of maximum wealth for minimal effort. Wouldn’t that mean that co-operatives were just utopian dreams out of touch with whatContinue reading “Co-operation More Powerful Than Competition”

Growing Inequality or Economic Freedom

CBC’s Fifth Estate’s headline read:  “Wealthy Canadians exposed in KPMG offshore tax ‘sham’  $5-million ‘minimum’ entry fee to get into offshore scheme.”   Seniors who have worked hard all their lives but who are living below the poverty line want a better economy, a different economy for their children and grandchildren.  Students graduating with noContinue reading “Growing Inequality or Economic Freedom”

Why are so many people angry?

When the economic elite takes and takes and sets the rules for how the economy works and how trade will benefit them, it destroys hope and produces despair.  Despair is where anger grows.  When those who practice the politics of fear, lies, hatred, violence and revenge find despair and anger they cloth themselves in righteousnessContinue reading “Why are so many people angry?”

Making the Vision visible

  “For example, despite being surrounded by farmland, Marks (Louisiana)  residents had to drive 20 miles to the nearest Wal-Mart just to get fresh vegetables. But Shreveport Federal Credit Union changed all that by organizing local farmers into a worker-owned cooperative, renovating a building, and creating what became the Delta Muletrain Farmers Market.”  James TrimarcoContinue reading “Making the Vision visible”

Investor-Owned Banks vs The People

Are you puzzled or upset or angry by the CBC’s recent Go Public revelations about banks serving their investors at your expense?  You need to ask, ‘What is the purpose of a bank?’  It is not to provide you with financial services or good advice.  The purpose of a bank, the reason it was incorporated,Continue reading “Investor-Owned Banks vs The People”

It is About Humanity and Planet Earth

From the preface of From Corporate Globalization to Global Co-operation “This book is not about economics or politics or society. It is about where they all meet. It is not value free. The vision that drives it is the search for a better world. The motivation for writing it is grounded in a growing apprehensionContinue reading “It is About Humanity and Planet Earth”

Harnessing Discontent to Build Rather than Destroy

There are powerful forces in our world unleashed by growing inequality.   They are a significant part of where Donald J Trump found the people who were so angry they stopped thinking and voted for him.  They fueled Brexit.  They are being used to whip up anti-immigrant and religious hatred across Europe.  A key source ofContinue reading “Harnessing Discontent to Build Rather than Destroy”

The Sane Society by Eric Fromm

Published in 1955 this book still has a lot of relevant thinking.  For example:  “Exploitation as it developed in the nineteenth century was essentially different.  The worker, or rather his labor, (became) a commodity to be bought by the owner of capital… .   Exploitation was not personal anymore, it had become anonymous as it were. Continue reading “The Sane Society by Eric Fromm”