Growing Inequality or Economic Freedom

CBC’s Fifth Estate’s headline read:  “Wealthy Canadians exposed in KPMG offshore tax ‘sham’  $5-million ‘minimum’ entry fee to get into offshore scheme.”


Seniors who have worked hard all their lives but who are living below the poverty line want a better economy, a different economy for their children and grandchildren.  Students graduating with no hope of a career, a steady job, benefits, owning a home or a pension want a better, different economy for themselves and their children.

Our current capital based economy offers little hope.  They are surrounded by an economy in which capital based corporations, owned by the very rich, design new ways every day for the super rich to get richer and pay less taxes.  Now a billionaire who pays no taxes runs the richest country in the world.  The poor who were tricked into voting for him can now get to watch him serve the very richest.

There is an alternative.  Co-operatives are people based as opposed to capital based.  Their purpose is to meet member and community need as opposed to making the already super rich richer.  They are not perfect.  They are only as good as their members – workers, consumers, farmers and fishers – make them.  They are governed by one person one vote rather than one dollar one vote.  you will not find a co-operative CEO making a ‘bonus’ of $72 million.  Photo courtesy of

There is no legitimate business in the world that cannot be created as a co-operative.  If grand parents and today’s youth want a better world they can make it happen.

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